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I have practiced with Audrey for the last 7 years and have progressed from a novice to an individual confident in my yoga training. The discipline of yoga is vast! Audrey concentrates on Ashtanga, but adds to the practice through her own study and individual requests. As I have had some different issues - lower back and hips — Audrey has tailored our practice to concentrate on my issues and work through them from weakness to strength.

As she has studied other disciplines of yoga (Kundalini, for example), she adds aspects into the regular practice. She also follows the cycles of the moon and as the full moon occurs, our practice has featured a routine with dedicated poses. Audrey is an excellent leader and  helpful with her advice on the flow of poses throughout the practice. Her weekly yoga guidance and practice have become and integral part of my week, helping me to meet my exercise, work and family goals. Lauren Jordy, Walton on Thames


I practiced with Audrey Buchan for the past year and through her teaching and encouragement my yoga practice has flourished - I am now able to do many postures that before I struggled with as well as incorporate new vinyasa series which strengthens my ability and greatly enhances my flexibility and well being.  Audrey tailors her teaching to meet the needs of her students - incorporating postures for each student (for me my sore hips) and builds on the series each week to help you gain strength and flexibility.  Having practiced yoga for nearly a decade I really encourage you to practice with Audrey I have seen her successfully teach both beginners as well as those more experienced and her calm, supportive encouragement as well as ability to break down a pose or series is masterful and very effective!

Laura  Hoult, Virginia Water


 My weekly yoga sessions with Audrey have provided me with a pocket of time to de-clutter my mind, find some head space and generally provide me with some sanity in this mad world we all occupy. I do feel that by the end of my session I am a calmer being, and as I have said before "everyone needs an Audrey" for some peace and serenity to suffuse the soul. Mrs P.Carter,  Walton


Although unsure of what to expect and my ability to stretch in the ways I imagined necessary, my Yoga Mojo class was very enjoyable, interesting and challenging! I felt very much at ease with the level of expectation, as a beginner, and through the poses, Audrey's assistance where necessary in adjustments and advice was gentle yet clear. I felt I learned a lot and benefited physically too, from using muscles in new ways which I very soon felt benefiting my posture and feeling of being balanced throughout my frame. I feel inspired to continue practising Yoga through my experience of Yoga Mojo.                  

Jonathan Minshull, Costa Rica




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